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Education and childcare come together via the link with ParnasSys

Education and childcare come together via the link with ParnasSys \
ParnasSys offers the web-based learning administration and student monitoring system which is used by many Dutch primary schools. Information which might be important to a school can be entered in a simple and safe environment. In today’s world, it is unthinkable that childcare organisations and schools would not work together. Whether the childcare organisation and the school are located under one roof or whether they are in contact when the children are taken from or to school, there is always some kind of cooperation. To this end KidsKonnect has sought for cooperation with ParnasSys as a strategic partner to enable customers to bring these two worlds together in one portal. This is not only convenient for the teachers, but also for the parents. Because KidsKonnect can merge the data from multiple adminstrations, it is also possible to work with one portal as an IKC, which contains the children’s data from both the school and the childcare organisation. The parent sees and arranges everything from one central app! It doesn’t get more convenient than this.
What the link does
The link with ParnasSys can be used in two ways. On the one hand to ensure that there is a warm transfer from the child tracking system of KidsKonnect to the particular school of the child. KidsKonnect sends digital observation forms to the student file in ParnasSys so that the teacher is directly aware of the latest state of affairs with regard to the development of the child.
On the other hand it is possible to retrieve data of children, parents and classes from the school in order to fill the parent portal. In this way, both schools and IKC’s can utilize KidsKonnect, whereby both worlds are coming together at one central place, for teachers and parents!


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