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The Toddler Monitor has given both municipalities and childcare providers an insight into the reach and non-reach of pre-school care. They see at an early stage whether the subsidy that has been awarded as an advance is sufficient and can make adjustments where necessary.
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Innovatie nul 13

Toddler range, toddler range and finances at a glance

What does the link do?

The Toddler Monitor collects all information recorded by toddler care, childcare providers, the JGZ organization and the municipality in a secure data safe. There, all data entered about the toddlers from the municipality are checked, compared and converted into anonymous data. This data is then made available to registered users in clear dashboards. This information about the toddler range, the toddler range and the finances is therefore available at a glance. In this way, the Toddler Monitor offers a clear view of educational disadvantage policy at any time.
Through the link with KidsKonnect, data from childcare providers is exported to the Toddler Monitor. This simplifies the data delivery for the Toddler Monitor and relieves childcare providers.

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