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It does not matter how the invoices are delivered: via a scanner, via email or via the app. OCRdocs knows what to do with it.
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With the handy Drag & Drop function you can drag documents to OCRdocs for processing. A photo can be taken immediately of declarations, with which your (financial) administration is immediately updated.


OCRDocs uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) or Optical Text Recognition. By means of ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) or smart analysis of the content, the relevant data is used for further processing. As a result, the layout of the document is not important and no templates are needed.


Processing directly creates cost invoices or directly links receipts to the invoice (so-called logistics invoices). It is even possible to regularly check for new receipts. Is the relationship not yet known within Business Central? Then the relationship can be created directly within OCRdocs.

Archive and Analyze‚Äč

The processed invoices and other documents are stored in a digital archive. This digital archive is fully searchable and is linked to your contacts, suppliers or customers. This way you can track exactly which interactions you have had with your relationship. Faster than looking up files in binders.

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