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The development lines young children from 0 to 4 years in KidsKonnect

The development lines young children from 0 to 4 years in KidsKonnect
Through the cooperation with ParnasSys, KidsKonnect offers the opportunity to use the method Development lines young children of Driestar Educatief as a child tracking system. This is a continous learning line from 0 to 7 years, wherebyj the first four years can be observed in KidsKonnect. Saved observation forms can not only be shared with the parents from the KidsKonnect app, but also with ParnasSys. In this way the right people are always aware of the latest developments of the child!
The development lines Seeing for out-of-school childcare in KidsKonnect
Next to a method 0-4, KidsKonnect also offers the possibility to use the out-of-school childcare method Seeing of ParnasSys as a tracking system for children from the age of 4 years. This method focuses on the social aspect, well-being and involvement. If your organisation is looking for a way to observe children at out-of-school childcare locations, you should definitely contact us!
What the link does
From KidsKonnect it is possible to perform a digital transfer to the school. If you know to which school the child will be going, the files can be transferred digitally to ParnasSys, so that the teacher can continue from where the workers in the childcare organisation have left off! Of course this transfer only takes place after digital consent from the parent in KidsKonnect.
Vanuit KidsKonnect is het mogelijk een digitale overdracht te doen naar de school. Wanneer bekend is naar welke school het kind gaat is het mogelijk om via een digitale overdracht de dossiers over te zetten naar ParnasSys, zodat de docent verder kan waar de medewerker in de kinderopvang is gebleven! Uiteraard vindt deze overdracht plaats na digitaal akkoord van de ouder in KidsKonnect.


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