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CPMFactory is a market leader in dashboards and forecasts in the childcare sector

CPMFactory knows the source systems with which childcare organisations work on a daily basis and unlocks these data to combine financial data with child occupancy, personnel hours, HRM data and other relevant information such as demographic data.
CPMFactory also helps childcare organisations to get answers to various questions: What has happened? Why has it happened? What is going to happen? Both financial and non-financial insights are revealed in the cockpit.
Daarnaast helpt CPM Factory kinderopvangorganisaties met het geven van antwoorden op verschillende vragen: Wat is er gebeurd? Waarom is het gebeurd? Wat gaat er gebeuren? Zowel financieel als niet-financieel wordt direct inzichtelijk gemaakt in de cockpit.
What the link does
The link ensures that multiple data sources are integrated into one environment in order to provide the right data to run your business effectively.


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